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Agni Malliou

Interior Architect

"I live in the space where work, life and adventure overlap.
And i do it out loud."

Agni Malliou since 1993 undertakes the implementation of projects with absolute responsibility and respect, fulfilling unique ideas with diffuse expressions of inspiration.
With the main focus on the interior architecture as well as the overall communication image of a space, it undertakes projects of high architectural aesthetics and uniqueness with its team. Today, both timeless engagement and experience with all the forces of reasoning and thought lead to the birth of NOUS.

Observing a place for the first time, I always get challenged by its peculiarities.
Unusual lines, strange volumes are the starting point for inspiration.
The upgrade of living in any space, is the most powerful challenge for me designing a project. Behind but also beyond the satisfaction of operational needs.
To be surprised by a bold combination of materials or an unexpected beam of light. A glossy white marble or an irresistible dark recess.
To observe how harmoniously everything ties together but also how they stand alone. To be pleasantly surprised by the mix of elements such as the timeless and the ephemeral, the classic and the modern, the artificial and the natural. In the simplicity of a perfect result one can always feel a quiet luxury and fullness.

You need to give a big part of yourself between inspiration and realization. But that is the magic of this job.
It is a challenge every time to discover unknown roads to me through which I express myself from time to time, singing, acting, photography. I believe in expression , I believe in dialogue, in good energy, in the euphoria man feels in contact with nature but also enjoying a glass of good wine.

Δεν έχει σημασία πού ζείτε, το μέγεθος και η κλίμακα του έργου σας. Δεν έχει σημασία αν προτιμάτε κλασικό ή σύγχρονο στιλ. Η μετρική επιτυχία σε κάθε project είναι για εμάς απόλαυση και είμαστε ευγνώμονες για κάθε μικρό ή μεγάλο πελάτη!
H Αγνή Μάλλιου και η ομάδα δημιουργών της NOUS προσφέρουν, με επαγγελματισμό και συνέπεια, μια ευρεία κλίμακα υπηρεσιών που έχουν να κάνουν με την αρχιτεκτονική εσωτερικών-εξωτερικών χώρων.

The Team

A team of creative people who offer with professionalism and consistency, a wide range of services that have to do with interior and exterior architecture.

About us

The orientation towards the well-being of the person, the upgrade of his life and the joy that he deserves to experience in his daily life. This leads NOUS team to create much more than spaces that perfectly fulfill the needs of a project. Nous creates the energy that takes the spaces to the next level and turns the moments in them into unique life experiences.

The experience and the perfect know-how of Agni Malliou, her passion and dynamism of the NOUS team, place it in the top choice for interior architecture.

Meet NOUS and live an experience of high end design aesthetic!


NOUS ‘ s ultimate goal is the provision of architectural and design applications for projects that have a unique identity in space-time and satisfy every functional need (residential, business spaces, exhibition stands, bar-restaurants, hotels).

The experienced diagnosis of the space and the flexibility according to each project’s needs constitutes the calm force of Nous team.

Think about NOUS

NOUS, through its creations, contributes to the well-being of man, to the upgrade of his life quality, offering the joy that everyone deserves to experience in his daily life. Nous is the first choice for your needs proving that design in all its forms is art , culture and way of expression.

NOUS values

NOUS undertakes the implementation of any kind of project with absolute responsibility and respect for the project needs, while the good knowledge in design techniques, leads to the fulfillment of unique architectural ideas, with diffused expressions of inspiration. Passion, dynamism and love for new creations are the characteristics and the communication code of NOUS.

NOUS sustainability

Sustainability has become one of the most important elements of modern architecture. NOUS with absolute respect for the harmony of materials, nature and environment innovates with the uses of all elements while its creations always bear the signature of a desired result of hi end design aesthetic and low energy footprint.

Our Clients

We are grateful for every large or small client. We develop long-term cooperations and we evolve together…